Formulas Provided by Uyuni

Some formulas are installed by default with Uyuni. Other official formulas can be installed as RPM packages. When the formula is installed, you can activate them using the Uyuni Web UI.

For information about writing custom formulas, see Custom Salt Formulas.

1. Install Formulas with Zypper

Formulas are provided in the Uyuni pool software channel.

If a formula uses the same name as an existing Salt state, the two names will collide, and could result in the formula being used instead of the state. Always check states and formulas to avoid name clashes.

Procedure: Installing Formulas with Zypper
  1. On the Uyuni Server, at the command prompt, search for available formulas:

    zypper se --type package formula
  2. Get more information about a formula:

    zypper info <formula_name>
  3. On the Uyuni Server, at the command prompt, as root, install the formula:

    zypper in <formula_name>

2. Activate Formulas from the Web UI

Formulas provided by Uyuni, or formulas that you have installed, can be activated using the Uyuni Web UI.

Procedure: Activate Formulas from the Web UI
  1. In the Uyuni Web UI, navigate to Systems  List, select the client you want to activate the formula for.

  2. Navigate to the Systems  Formulas tab, and check the formula you want to activate.

  3. Click Save.

  4. Navigate to the new subtab for the formula, and configure the formula as required.

  5. Apply the highstate.