Channel Management CLI Tools

There are tools for managing channels on the server. With spacewalk-remove-channel, list and delete channels in various ways.

1. Manage Channels with spacewalk-remove-channel

Usage: spacewalk-remove-channel [options]

The use of spacewalk-remove-channel is to remove channels in various ways.

The available commands and arguments for spacewalk-remove-channel are listed in this table. Use this syntax for spacewalk-remove-channel commands:

spacewalk-remove-channel [options]

The spacewalk-remove-channel tool has these primary commands:

Table 1. spacewalk-repo-sync Options
Option Description Example Use


List defined channels and exit.

spacewalk-remove-channel --list


Delete this channel (can be present multiple times).

spacewalk-remove-channel --channel=CHANNEL


Delete this channel and its child channels (can be present multiple times).

spacewalk-remove-channel --channel-with-children=CHANNEL_WITH_CHILDREN


Unsubscribe systems registered to the specified channels. Note: Credentials are needed

spacewalk-remove-channel --unsubscribe


Delete only from the database, do not remove files from disk.

spacewalk-remove-channel --justdb


Remove only the kickstart trees for the channels specified.

spacewalk-remove-channel --just-kickstart-trees


Remove only packages from channel not the channel itself.

spacewalk-remove-channel --skip-channels

For a complete list of options and abbreviated options, see the --help output or the spacewalk-remove-channel manpage:

man spacewalk-remove-channel

For more information, see Removing Channel.