Client Contact Methods

There are three contact methods how the Uyuni Server can communicate with clients. They are based on Salt protocols.

Which Salt contact method you use depends on the type of client, and your network architecture:

Default (Salt)

is the default choice and is recommended unless there are specific needs. For more information, see Default Contact Method (Salt).

SSH Push

is useful only if network restrictions make it impossible for clients to establish contact to the server. It is supported with the Salt Bundle only. This contact method has serious limitations. For more information, see SSH Push Contact Method.

SSH Push (with tunnel)

is the same as SSH Push, but with using a secured communication tunnel. For more information, see SSH Push (With Tunnel) Contact Method.

Implementation of Salt communication software options:

Salt Bundle

is a single binary package containing Salt Minion, Python 3, required Python modules, and libraries. Thus the Salt contact method is independent from software installed on the client. Using the Salt Bundle is the default. It is the only supported implementation for the SSH Push or SSH Push (with tunnel) contact method. For more information, see Salt Bundle.

Salt Minion

is Salt software installed on the client system.

The so-called traditional contact protocol is no longer supported with Uyuni 5.0 and later. Before upgrading from Uyuni 4 to 5, any existing traditional clients including the traditional proxies must be migrated to Salt or replaced with Salt proxies.

For more information about migrating traditional Uyuni 4 clients to Salt clients, see