Client Deletion

If you need to remove a client from your Uyuni Server, you can use the Web UI to delete it. This procedure works for both traditional and Salt clients.

Procedure: Deleting a Client
  1. In the Uyuni Web UI, navigate to Systems  System List and select the client to delete.

  2. Click Delete System.

  3. Check the details and click Delete Profile to confirm.

  4. For Salt clients, Uyuni attempts to clean up additional configuration. If the client cannot be contacted, you are given the option to cancel the deletion, or delete the client without cleaning up the configuration files.

You can also delete multiple clients using the system set manager. For more information about the system set manager, see client-configuration:system-set-manager.adoc.

It is not possible to automatically clean up a a traditional client after deleting it. You have to take care of this yourself. Furthermore cleaning up a Salt minion does not remove Salt itself.

Normally you migrate a traditional client to a Salt minion without deleting the client. Salt automatically detects that you have a traditional client and does the necessary changes itself. But if you already deleted the traditional client and want to register it as a Salt minion again, see Troubleshooting Registering a traditional client as Salt minion after deleting it.