Proxy - Minor Upgrade

Table of Contents

Before you perform any proxy update, schedule a maintenance window. The clients registered to Uyuni through the proxy will not be able to connect to Uyuni while the update is in progress. For more information about maintenance windows, see Maintenance Windows.

Minor proxy upgrades do not include a version upgrade of the operating system. For more information, see the Uyuni 2024.05 release notes.

1. Upgrade the Proxy

To update a proxy you first stop the proxy service, then update the software and finally restart the proxy service.

Procedure: Updating the Uyuni Proxy
  1. On the Uyuni Proxy, stop the proxy service:

    spacewalk-proxy stop
  2. In the Uyuni Server Web UI, navigate to Systems  Proxy and click the name of the proxy.

  3. Select all the packages to be updated on the proxy, and then apply the selection.

  4. On the Uyuni Proxy, start the proxy service:

    spacewalk-proxy start

If you need to update many proxies, you can create an action chain of this command sequence on the Uyuni Server. You can use the action chain to perform updates on multiple proxies at the same time.