Uyuni is made up of code from four major sites:

  • Uyuni-specific code
  • Repositories shared with openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise
  • Open Build Service
  • Translations (openSUSE Weblate)

Uyuni Project

This is the main GitHub project that contains most of the source code.

The following repositories are maintained:

  • uyuni: Contains the main Uyuni source code (including, for example the source code for bakend, frontend, database or cucumber testsuite).
  • retail: Uyuni Retail salt formulas and related tools and documentation
  • hub-xmlrpc-api: The hub-xmlrpc-api package that allows a Server of Serves architecture (Hub).
  • uyuni-docs: The Uyuni documentation.
  • uyuni-docs-toolchain-vm: Virtual machine with the uyuni-docs toolchain: Antora, AsciiDoctor, asciidoc-pdf, etc. Generated with Kiwi.
  • sumaform: The Terraform code to deploy Uyuni environments, using among other things to run the cucumber testsuite.
  • minima: A Simple Linux Repository Manager, used in sumaform.
  • evil-minions: A load generator for Salt, useful for performance testing.
  • obs-to-maven: Tool creating a maven repository out of RPMs built by OpenBuildService.
  • uyuni-rfc: Uyuni feature RFCs.
  • Uyuni website
  • uyuni-contrib: Collection of tools that are are not (yet!) officially part of the Uyuni product.

External Git repositories

There are other repositories containing source code that we package and distribute in Uyuni, but it is used in other projects (so we don't have it at our main GitHub project:

  • manager-build-profiles: Sample files: AutoYaST profiles, Kiwi XML definitions for Retail POS images and Docker container definition
  • salt: SUSE and openSUSE patches and backports for SaltStack.
  • salt-netapi-client: Java bindings for the Salt API.
  • salt-formulas: Salt Formulas for SUSE Enterprise Linux, openSUSE Linux and Uyuni.
  • smdba: SUSE Manager database administration tool (replacement for spacewalk-dobby).
  • virtual-host-gatherer: Script to gather information about virtual system running on different kind of hypervisors.
  • subscription-matcher: Tool to report whether some installed SUSE products match a set of SUSE subscriptions.
  • containment-rpm-pxe: Wrap PXE images built by KIWI on OBS into RPMs.
  • zypp-plugin-spacewalk ZYpp plugin enabling a SUSE-based system to talk to an Uyuni-compatible server.


In addition to Git repositories, we maintain some packages directly in the Open Build Service.

There are tree kind of reasons for this:

Translations (openSUSE Weblate)

We have a project at Weblate to manage the Uyuni translations.