13/12/2021 - With regard to the recent publication of the Log4Shell vulnerability, we can announce that Uyuni installations are not affected.

09/12/2021 - Uyuni 2021.12 is now available! Key highlights: Salt as a bundle, aarch64 for openSUSE Leap 15.3, CentOS and clones clients, prometheus blackbox exporter and much more! Check the release notes for more details.

28/10/2021 - A security bugfix for CVE-2021-40348, for the Uyuni Server, was just released See how to apply the patch. We recommend you apply them as soon as possible.

23/09/2021 - Uyuni 2021.09 is now available! Key highlights: Ansible and Prometheus are now available at the Uyuni Proxy, a tech preview for InterServer Sync 2.0 is included, and an important security update. Check the release notes for more details.

24/08/2021 - If zypper is reporting that it cannot update some packages on the server, check the workaround at the Uyuni issue 4244. We already filled a bug for openSUSE Leap 15.3 about it.

16/08/2021 - Uyuni 2021.08 is now available! Rocky Linux 8 now supported as a client, Virtualization for AArch64, Pacemaker support, improvements for openSCAP audit, monitoring updates and much more! Check the release notes for more details.

24/06/2021 - Uyuni 2021.06 is now available! openSUSE Leap 15.3 as base OS for server and proxy, PostgreSQL 13, salt 3002 and Ansible Integration as a Tech Preview! Check the release notes for more details

28/05/2021 - The contrib repository is now available with several scripts useful to install the Uyuni Hub, help with repository and channel creation, lifecycle management and more. Check the full announcement for all the details.

28/05/2021 - If you are having problems syncing the Debian or Ubuntu client tools, check this announcement for the details and the instructions to apply the fix.

24/05/2021 - Uyuni 2021.05 is now available! Monitoring improvements, Virtualization improvements, Custom data as pillar, Configuration state summary, Live patching with templates and much more! Check the release notes for more details.

04/05/2021 - Uyuni has a new repository called Contrib. Contrib is a collection of tools that are are not (yet!) officially part of the Uyuni product.

21/04/2021 - Uyuni 2021.04 is now available! Amazon Linux 2, Alibaba Linux 2 and AlmaLinux 8 are now supported as clients. Redfish Power Management, Node exporter 1.1.2, SCAP content and much more! Check the release notes for more details.

11/03/2021 - For the second year, Uyuni is participating in Google Summer of Code under the umbrella of openSUSE. See the list of ideas, and propose your own or show your interest in participating via the GitHub issues or mailing list.

01/03/2021 - Uyuni 2021.02 is now available! This mostly a bugfix release including fixes for several Salt CVES and Ubuntu support for Prometheus exporters' reverse proxy formula. Check the release notes for more details.

08/02/2021 - We just released a patch to fix the problem with the WebUI incorrectly showing 2021.02 as the version. You can check the announcement, that also contains the instructions to apply the patch. As announced last week the RPMs for the release notes are updated as well, with the information about the Java dependencies.

05/02/2021 - If the WebUI is not starting and shows a HTTP 404 error after the update to 2021.01, apply this fix. The information is now added at the website and the release notes, and will be at the release notes RPMs next week.

05/02/2021 - Uyuni 2021.01 is now available! New versions of grafana and prometheus, SLE for SAP support, support for Oracle Linux ULN repositories and much more! Check release notes for more details!

26/11/2020 - Uyuni 2020.11 is now available! Support for CentOS7/8 ppc64le, Node Exporter 1.0.1, WebUI themes, virtualization improvements and much more! Check release notes for more details!

16/11/2020 - openSUSE mailing lists migration is now complete. If you were using the subject to filter the emails, you will need to change your rules and use headers instead. Despite the old email addresses will still work, we strongly recommend you start using the new ones that use the subdomain lists.uyuni-project.org. See our announcement for more details

06/11/2020 - We just released a set of patches for three salt CVEs. They affect the Server, Proxy and Salt clients. We now have a new page with instructions for applying the patches. We recommend you apply them as soon as possible.

13/10/2020 - Uyuni will be present at the openSUSE LibreOffice Conference with three talks. Thursday 15th: Uyuni is now translatable, Friday 16th: Uyuni: the solution to manage your Linux infrastructure and Deploying Uyuni test infrastructure with Sumaform

06/10/2020 - Uyuni is participating in Hacktoberfest 2020! If you want to contribute, you can check the list of suggested things to do or, of course, you can submit any other valuable contributions.

22/09/2020 - Uyuni 2020.09 is now available! Hub improvements, Maintenance Windows, Monitoring reverse proxies, support for Nuntanix AHV at the virtual-host-gatherer, Grafana 7.1.5 and more! Check release notes for more details!

16/09/2020 - We just released a patch for an important security issue. Check the announce for all the details. We recommend you update as soon as possible.

24/07/2020 - Uyuni 2020.07 is now available! Base OS for server and proxy is now Leap 15.2 and it includes PostgreSQL 12 and Salt 3000. Ubuntu 20.04 can now be managed as a client, and much more changes! Check release notes for more details!

18/06/2020 - Next June 26th, at 16.00 CEST, we will have a new Uyuni Community Hours session. Check all the details and join us!

15/06/2020 - Uyuni 2020.06 is now available! This release adds support for Oracle Linux and CaaSP cluster management. Check the full release notes!

04/06/2020 - We are now moving our chat to Gitter. The old IRC channel is now frozen and only exists to redirect people there. See the official announcement.

25/05/2020 - Uyuni 2020.05 requires an extra step to get the complete update, because of a vendor change one package. Check the updated release notes!

21/05/2020 - Uyuni 2020.05 is now available! This release improves the repository syncing performance, adds suport for build arguments for Docker images and improves the SLE service pack migration feature. Check the full release notes!

16/04/2020 - Uyuni 2020.04 is now available! This release adds recurring actions, automated database schema upgrades, monitoring for CentOS8, bootstraping using SSH private keys (for now only from API) and much more!

19/03/2020 - Uyuni 2020.03 is now available! This release enables support for Debian 9/10 clients, CentOS8/RHEL8 Appstream support using repository flattering, recurring highstate scheduling, and much more!

31/01/2020 - Uyuni 2020.01 is now available! This release enables basic support for CentOS8, monitoring improvements, new content lifecycle management filters and much more!

29/01/2020 - Uyuni will be present at the CentOS Dojo (31.01.2020, Brussels), FOSDEM (01-02.02.2020, Brussels, openSUSE Stand) and Config Managemt Camp (03-05.02.2020, Ghent [Workshop] [Talk 1], [Talk 2] [Talk 3]).

18/10/2019 - We now have #uyuni-users and #uyuni-devel at Gitter. So far it is a PoC, so provide your feedback!

02/08/2019 - Uyuni 4.0.2 is now available! This release enables Ubuntu clients, monitoring, content lifecycle management and much more!

05/04/2019 - openSUSE Summit Nashville - Managed Monitoring with Prometheus, Grafana and Uyuni

08/03/2019 - SCALE17x Presentation - Uyuni: Adding flavor to open source infrastructure managementx

31/01/2019 - Uyuni will be present at FOSDEM 2019 (Saturday Feb 2nd, 14.00-14.25, Room UB2.252A (Lameere)) and Config Management Camp (Tuesday Feb 5th, 15.00-15.55, salt track)

18/12/2018 - Uyuni 4.0.1 available! This release enables full Salt and Traditional support for openSUSE Leap 42.3/15.0, SLE12/15 and CentOS6/7 and many other new fatures. Check the release notes for details.

06/11/2018 - uyuni-users mailing list is now open to talk about Uyuni usage.

26/10/2018 - Our first release, Uyuni 4.0.0 is out! Give it a try and send us your feedback! (why is the first version 4.0.0?)

14/09/2018 - uyuni-devel mailing list is now open for everyone, for development discussions.

21/08/2018 - Klaus Kämpf will be discussing about Uyuni at talk From Physical to Cloud to Container, next 2018-09-28 at Schedule All Systems Go! 2018.

20/08/2018 - Uyuni source code available at GitHub uyuni-project/uyuni.

29/05/2018 - Official #uyuni IRC channel at Freenode. Join with your favourite IRC client, or use the web application.

27/05/2018 - Uyuni workshop at openSUSE conference 2018, 13.00 at room 350. Come download your images at Room 322 on Saturday and Sunday.

26/05/2018 - Uyuni announced at the openSUSE Conference 2018.