A world-class solution for open source infrastructure management tailored for your software-defined infrastructure

2018/11/06 - uyuni-users mailing list is now open to talk about Uyuni usage.

2018/10/26 - Our first release, Uyuni 4.0.0 is out! Give it a try and send us your feedback! (why is the first version 4.0.0?)

2018/09/14 - uyuni-devel mailing list is now open for everyone, for development discussions.

2018/08/21 - Klaus Kämpf will be discussing about Uyuni at talk From Physical to Cloud to Container, next 2018-09-28 at Schedule All Systems Go! 2018.

2018/08/20 - Uyuni source code available at GitHub uyuni-project/uyuni.

2018/05/29 - Official #uyuni IRC channel at Freenode. Join with your favourite IRC client, or use the web application.

2018/05/27 - Uyuni workshop at openSUSE conference 2018, 13.00 at room 350. Come download your images at Room 322 on Saturday and Sunday.

2018/05/26 - Uyuni announced at the openSUSE Conference 2018.