Updating the Uyuni Server

This section provides information on performing regular updates and running a spacewalk-schema-upgrade on your PostgreSQL database.

Procedure: Updating Uyuni
  1. As the root user, stop Spacewalk services:

    spacewalk-service stop
  2. Apply the latest patches:

    zypper patch
  3. You will be informed if a new database schema was included in the latest patch. Ensure the database service is running:

    rcpostgresql start
  4. Perform the upgrade:

  5. Restart Spacewalk services:

    spacewalk-service start
    Restart of Services and Applications

    Services affected by a package update are not automatically restarted after an update. You need to restart these services manually to avoid potential failures.

    You may use zypper ps to check for any applications which may be using old code. Restart these applications.