Server - Major Upgrade

When Uyuni core components are upgraded to new major versions, you need to perform a major upgrade on the Uyuni Server. This is the case if a version upgrade of PostgreSQL, Salt, or openSUSE Leap is needed. openSUSE Leap is the underlying base operating system (OS).

Some additional manual steps might be required, and this information is only available in the release notes. For important extra information about your upgrade, see the release notes at

Procedure: Migrating the Uyuni Server

The script migrates Uyuni Server to the latest version. It also upgrades the underlying operating system to version 15.2. The script is part of the susemanager package.

  1. Before running the script, check whether the most recent version of the susemanager package is installed:

    zypper ref
    zypper up susemanager
  2. Run the /usr/lib/susemanager/bin/ script to upgrade the base OS and Uyuni Server.

  3. To migrate the database to PostgreSQL 12 run the migrate script:


    For more information about PostgreSQL database migration, see db-migration-12.adoc.

  4. To migrate the database to PostgreSQL 13 run the migration script:


    For more information about PostgreSQL database migration, see db-migration-13.adoc.

Postgresql 12 or postgresql 13?

This depends on the underlying operating system. Leap 15.2 shipped version 12 and this is the version used by uyuni on that OS. Leap 15.3 is expected to have postgresql 13, so expect postgresql version 13.

  1. After the migration is complete, you will need to manually reboot the Uyuni Server:

shutdown -r now

You will not be able to fix issues that arise during the migration. Ensure you have created a backup before you start the migration. If you are running Uyuni Server on a virtual machine, we recommend that you create a snapshot before you start.