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This page allows you to manage your configuration files independently. Both centrally-managed and locally-managed files can be reached from sub-pages.

Maximum Size for Configuration Files

By default, the maximum file size for configuration files is 128 KB (131072 bytes). SUSE supports a configuration file size up to 1 MB; larger values are not guaranteed to work.

To change the file size limit, edit all the following files on the Uyuni server and edit or add the following variables:

# /usr/share/rhn/config-defaults/rhn_web.conf
web.maximum_config_file_size = 262144

# /usr/share/rhn/config-defaults/rhn_server.conf
maximum_config_file_size = 262144

# /etc/rhn/rhn.conf

Then restart spacewalk:

# spacewalk-service restart