Uyuni 4 Documentation

What is Uyuni?

Uyuni is a solution for organizations that require absolute control over maintenance and package deployment on their servers. Uyuni enables you to manage large sets of Linux systems and keep them up to date, with automated software management, asset management, and system provisioning. Uyuni allows you to maintain a high level of security while effectively managing system life-cycle requirements.

Uyuni uses Salt to provide event-driven configuration and management control. The Salt-master orchestrates thousands of Salt clients (Uyuni Clients) using remote execution.

Uyuni offers seamless management of SUSE Linux Enterprise, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, and Scientific Linux client systems and is fully compatible with Red Hat Satellite Server.

Available Documentation

The following documentation is available for Uyuni version 4.

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Installation Guide

Client Configuration Guide

Upgrade Guide

Reference Guide

Administration Guide

Salt Guide