Creating the Uyuni Tools Repository

In this section you will create a tools repository on the Uyuni Server for providing client tools. The client tools repository contains packages for installing Salt on clients as well as required packages for registering traditional clients during the bootstrapping procedure. These packages will be installed from the newly generated repository during the registration process. In the following procedure you will create the SUSE Linux Enterprise tools repository.

Creating a Tools Repository when an SCC Channel has not been Synced

Before following the procedure to create the tools repository make sure the SUSE vendor channel you will be using with your client has been completely synced. You can check this by running tail -f /var/log/rhn/reposync/<CHANNEL_NAME>.log as root. In the following example replace version with the actual version string:

# tail -f /var/log/rhn/reposync/sles`version`-pool-x86_64.log

Once completed you should see the following output in your terminal:

2017/12/12 15:20:32 +02:00 Importing packages started.
2017/12/12 15:22:02 +02:00 1.07 %
2017/12/12 15:34:25 +02:00 86.01 %
2017/12/12 15:35:49 +02:00 Importing packages finished.
2017/12/12 15:35:49 +02:00 Linking packages to channel.
2017/12/12 15:35:59 +02:00 Sync completed.
Procedure: Generating the Tools Repository for SUSE Linux Enterprise
  1. Open a terminal on the server as root and enter the following command to list available bootstrap repositories:

    mgr-create-bootstrap-repo -l SLE-`version`-x86_64
  2. Then invoke the same command using the listed repository as the product label to actually create the bootstrap repository:

    mgr-create-bootstrap-repo -c SLE-`version`-x86_64
  3. Uyuni will create and add the client tools to the newly created repositories directory located at /srv/www/htdocs/pub/repositories/.

This repository is suitable for both Server and Desktop of SUSE Linux Enterprise.

Support for SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Products

If you have mirrored more than one SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Product (for example, SLES and SLES for SAP Application), you can specify the one you are actually interested in. First check what is avaiable:

mgr-create-bootstrap-repo -c SLE-15-x86_64 --with-custom-channel
Multiple options for parent channel found. Please use option
--with-parent-channel <label> and choose one of:
- sle-product-sles15-pool-x86_64
- sle-product-sles_sap15-pool-x86_64
- sle-product-sled15-pool-x86_64

Then specify it with --with-parent-channel:

mgr-create-bootstrap-repo -c SLE-15-x86_64 --with-parent-channel sle-product-sled15-pool-x86_64