AutoYast Example File

SUSE provides templates of various AutoYaST profiles in the SUSE/manager-build-profiles/AutoYaST public GitHub repository.

Each profile requires you to set some variables before you use it. Check the README file included with the script to determine which variables you need.

Ensure that the distribution label corresponds to the autoinstallation distribution, available in the Web UI from Systems  Autoinstallation  Distributions.

It is required that you add the updates tools channel to the <add-on> AutoYaST snippet section. This ensures your systems are provided with an up-to-date version of the libzypp package. If you do not include the updates tools channel, you encounter 400 errors.

Set the variables (such as $c_server) according to your environment.

For more information about using variables in AutoYaST scripts, see client-configuration:autoinst-setup.adoc.