Upgrade Guide Overview

Updated: 2021-09-24

Uyuni has three main components, all of which need regular updates. This guide covers updating the Uyuni Server, Proxy, and clients, as well as some underlying components, such as the database.

It is possible to automate some of the upgrades, but others need to be performed manually.

This guide is not intended to be read cover to cover. Instead, navigate to the component you want to upgrade, then identify the versions you are upgrading from and to.

Uyuni uses an YYYY.MM versioning schema suitable for rolling releases. If you are upgrading the Uyuni Server, see upgrade:server-intro-uyuni.adoc.

If you are upgrading the Uyuni Proxy, see upgrade:proxy-intro.adoc.

If you are upgrading clients, see upgrade:client-intro.adoc.

In addition to upgrading the server, you need to upgrade other underlying technologies, including the database. For more information about upgrading the database, see upgrade:db-intro.adoc.