Contact Methods for Traditional Clients

Traditional clients can communicate with the Uyuni Server using a range of methods.

The lightweight Uyuni daemon (rhnsd) runs on traditional client systems. The daemon periodically connects with Uyuni to check for new updates and notifications.

The rhnsd method has serious limitations. It does not scale as well as Salt. Newer operating systems are not supported and will not be added in the future.

For more information, see SUSE Manager Daemon (rhnsd).

Traditional with OSAD

is the same as traditional but allows the server to push updates to clients. OSAD is an enhancement to rhnsd OSAD allows traditional clients to execute scheduled actions immediately. It does not apply to Salt clients.

Traditional SSH Push

is same as traditional but allows the server to push updates to clients, using the SSH protocol as a transport layer.

Push via SSH is used in environments where clients cannot reach the Uyuni Server directly. In this environment, clients are located in a firewall-protected zone called a DMZ. No system within the DMZ is authorized to open a connection to the internal network, including the Uyuni Server.

Traditional SSH Push with Tunnel

The same as SSH Push, but tunnels HTTP/HTTPS traffic (for package download) via SSH.

With SUSE Manager 4.3 release, traditional clients have been deprecated. The release following SUSE Manager 4.3 will not support traditional clients and traditional proxies, and it is planned for the year 2023. We encourage all new deployments to use Salt clients and Salt proxies exclusively, and to migrate existing traditional clients and proxies to Salt.

Be aware that when migrating from traditional clients to Salt minions you do not have to delete the registered clients before. You can just register them as Salt minions and Salt will do the necessary steps with the traditional client. If you already deleted the traditional client and the registration as Salt minion is not possible anymore, see Troubleshooting Registering a traditional client as Salt minion after deleting it.