• Q. Where is the Uyuni press release?

    A. Please, check it here.

  • Q. Where I can find Uyuni source code?

    At the Git repository

  • Q. Are you going to release builds?

    A. We plan to release builds via the Open Build Service. Initially we will target openSUSE Leap 42.3 during summer, and openSUSE Leap 15.0 after that.

    You can get an initial build at http://beta.suse.com/private/uyuni-project (you need to use the Media1 directories as repositories).

  • Q. Is Uyuni based on SUSE Manager?

    A. Yes. SUSE Manager is based on the Spacewalk project. As our branch diverged more and more, we decided to make the current SUSE Manager code-base the initial Uyuni, and we will base future SUSE Manager releases on Uyuni going forward.

  • Q. What are the main differences between Uyuni and Spacewalk right now?

    A. While most of the bugfixes and enhancements from SUSE Manager were contributed back to Spacewalk, some features did not made their way back. To highlight some:

    • The server is a full Salt master and can manage systems running the Salt minion, with full configuration management support.

    • Building of image containers based on frozen channels.

    • Auditing of container images and Kubernetes clusters.

    • Initial configuration and setup based on YaST.

    • Infrastructure changes to keep the codebase modern (Java 8, Hibernate 5, React.js, Spark...)